my star wars: the force awakens blu-ray / dvd / hd download / ultraviolet / flixter / itunes and google play enabled ultimate edition arrived on my doorstep this week. obviously, i’ve been digging through the bonus materials.

inspired by the loading screens:

side note: very interesting to watch with the droid and alien / chewbacca subtitles on.

boba jango fett mugboba jango fett mugboba jango fett mug

you can now drink out of boba fett’s helmet.

or maybe it’s jango’s head with gangrene after jedi master mace windu decapitated him.

now if only those crowds would die down so that i could watch the movie…


R2D2 Star Wars Mug R2D2 Star Wars Mugright

boop boop beep boop bee dooooo.

i’ve been tinkering around with android for a bit now. it always bothered me that these things seemed to not only be boring, but also annoying.

  • android- by google! or maybe alphabet!
  • samsung – we are jealous of apple the next big thing!
  • lg – life is good!
  • oneplus – never get your hands on one of our phones settle!
  • huawei – you haven’t heard of us yet, but you will!

bootanimation for android

click on the above animation if you want to give it a whirl. it really isn’t all that hard, provided you’re rooted. but as a precaution, back up your phone.

disclaimer!! i am not responsible for bricked devices, dead sd cards,
thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because your alarm app failed. please
do some research. you are choosing to make these modifications.

that being said, there isnt really anything that can go wrong if you follow the directions.


mad max 2 = mad max 4 plot:

  • part 1: flashback explaining how the world got so bad.
  • part 2: first mad max car chase of the movie.
  • part 3: bad guys introduced.
  • part 4: max meets group of people in need. he feels sympathy for their cause, but he is a jaded man.
  • part 5: After fulfilling some pre-negotiated contract (getting the tanker back to the group in MM2 and getting to the green zone in MM4), max the ever-so jaded man leaves the group.
  • part 6: …only to come back. and after much ruminating, max decides to help the good guys.
  • part 8: max going off to be a loaner again despite it probably being 98.2% mutually beneficial that he and the good guys stay together.

on top of that both include:

  • a tanker thats not filled with what it’s supposed to be filled with (sand in MM2 and women in MM4).
  • a prosthetic arm.
  • the “bad guys” speaking some sort of unintelligible future war talk.
  • spending a big portion of their time going somewhere and then turning back to the original location.
  • guy who needs to be lifted on a pulley of some sort.
  • an older motherly type. in fact, this woman almost looks like the same person in both movies.
  • guys strapped in front of cars against their will.
  • an attractive female who distrusts max at first, but then learns that he is an honorable man.
  • booby traps in the protagonists main mode of transportation.

now i have not put it through the 3 act: 20min-40min-20min rule. interesting to note that MM2 clocks in right around 1.5 hours which would fit nicely in that template. MM4 runs for 2 hours, following a trend where today’s movies are a bit longer (i blame peter jackson and the harry potter series for that), but perhaps the ratios still hold true. this may be a project for another day.

and yes, this is what i did on my day of PTO.

9.26.15 is world batman day. or should it be world batman knight? regardless, some batman inspired creations below.


desktop wallpapers

dropping some batman-inspired knowledge.



this one also represents how i handle being married as well:



and here’s a reminder that we all cant be batman 24×7. sometimes you need to hang it up for the night and enjoy some balance.



macbook decals




what’s currently on my personal mbp at the moment:



and the iconic batman – the animated series stencil:





floppy disks?!

and although this is nightwing, aka the original robin, all grown up, it just reminded me how old i am.


narhwals narhwals

narwhals, narwhals swimming in the ocean, causing a commotion, cuz they are so awesome.