bbb-8… aka blue bb-8

my star wars: the force awakens blu-ray / dvd / hd download / ultraviolet / flixter / itunes and google play enabled ultimate edition arrived on my doorstep this week. obviously, i’ve been digging through the bonus materials. inspired by the loading screens: side note: very interesting to watch with the┬ádroid and alien / chewbacca […]

new star wars movie = new R2D2 mug

boop boop beep boop bee dooooo.

mad max 4: fury road was mad max 2: the road warrior

**SPOILER ALERT FOR MAD MAX 2 & 4** mad max 2 = mad max 4 plot: part 1: flashback explaining how the world got so bad. part 2: first mad max car chase of the movie. part 3: bad guys introduced. part 4: max meets group of people in need. he feels sympathy for their […]