mad max 4: fury road was mad max 2: the road warrior


mad max 2 = mad max 4 plot:

  • part 1: flashback explaining how the world got so bad.
  • part 2: first mad max car chase of the movie.
  • part 3: bad guys introduced.
  • part 4: max meets group of people in need. he feels sympathy for their cause, but he is a jaded man.
  • part 5: After fulfilling some pre-negotiated contract (getting the tanker back to the group in MM2 and getting to the green zone in MM4), max the ever-so jaded man leaves the group.
  • part 6: …only to come back. and after much ruminating, max decides to help the good guys.
  • part 8: max going off to be a loaner again despite it probably being 98.2% mutually beneficial that he and the good guys stay together.

on top of that both include:

  • a tanker thats not filled with what it’s supposed to be filled with (sand in MM2 and women in MM4).
  • a prosthetic arm.
  • the “bad guys” speaking some sort of unintelligible future war talk.
  • spending a big portion of their time going somewhere and then turning back to the original location.
  • guy who needs to be lifted on a pulley of some sort.
  • an older motherly type. in fact, this woman almost looks like the same person in both movies.
  • guys strapped in front of cars against their will.
  • an attractive female who distrusts max at first, but then learns that he is an honorable man.
  • booby traps in the protagonists main mode of transportation.

now i have not put it through the 3 act: 20min-40min-20min rule. interesting to note that MM2 clocks in right around 1.5 hours which would fit nicely in that template. MM4 runs for 2 hours, following a trend where today’s movies are a bit longer (i blame peter jackson and the harry potter series for that), but perhaps the ratios still hold true. this may be a project for another day.

and yes, this is what i did on my day of PTO.

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